In order to keep this service available to everyone, users are only permitted to follow 1000 account(s). Any additional follows will be rejected.
Note - Bulk adding via mastodon import feature fails, add users manually

About BirdsiteLIVE

BirdsiteLIVE runs an instance of BirdsiteLIVE, an ActivityPub-compatible Fediverse server that delivers Tweets from Twitter to users on the Fediverse.

BirdsiteLIVE does not make any public posts; every post is scoped appropriately using the "followers-only" or "unlisted" ActivityPub audiences.

Unlisted accounts

The goal of this instance is not to make the Fediverse "Twitter 2"; it is to make the Fediverse easier to join by allowing people to follow those who will never move. Therefore, by default, Twitter posts are not shown publicly. This instance's admin may allow certain accounts to post using the unlisted audience; this allows an account's posts to be "boosted" or "repeated."

Accounts that post using the "unlisted" audience are as follows:


Instance saturation

This instance's saturation level is currently at 0%.

This instance relies on a tool Twitter provides (the API) to fetch Tweets in a predictable and high-quality manner. However, due to limits imposed by Twitter, this instance can only fetch so many Tweets and users per hour.

As this instance's saturation level approaches and exceeds 100%, it will no longer update accounts every 15 minutes and reduce how often it fetches Tweets to stay under Twitter's limits. Essentially, the more saturated a node is, the less efficient it will be.

When possible, you should start your own BirdsiteLIVE instance. If you cannot, please be courteous and follow a limited number of accounts to keep the service available for everyone.